Downloads Policy

It is important that you download your downloads within 3 months of purchase. After 3 months the downloads may not be available.

We are not responsible for reminding customers to download items, so please download your downloads as soon as possible. We are also not responsible for computer crashes, software defects, acts of nature, or any other scenarios or accidents that result in the loss of files. Please backup your files using an online backup service.

If you request retrieval of downloads that are available, a fee will be charged at a rate of $60 per product, to be paid before files are transferred.


Private Facebook Group

Thank YOU so much for being a part of the AWEsomeness on the planet. I am so incredibly grateful for YOU!!!

You are welcome to join my private Facebook group created just for my clients, students and customers.

It is called Step the F$CK UP with Glenyce, click here to request to join.

Be sure to answer the questions or your request will not be accepted.

Data Protection Declaration

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